There are many words that can be used to describe the soft-spoken and passionate Isabel, including the ones we’ve thought of below. Can you think of any other words to describe her? If so, send them in through the form below!


A – amazing, awesome, aus-some, Australian, actress, activist, animal-lover

B – brilliant, beautiful, blonde, busy, brave

C – celebrity, cool, confident, creative, compassionate, charitable

D – dazzling, daugter, delightful, determined, down-to-earth, devoted, dedicated

E – exceptional, excellent, ethereal, environmentalist

F – friendly, fashionable, fantastic, fancied, famous, friend-of-the-dolphins

G – great, gorgeous, gracious, genuine, graceful, grateful

H – happy, humanitarian

I – interesting, inspiring


K – kind

L – love-able, loved, lovely

M – movie-star

N – nice, natural, nature-lover

O – one-of-a-kind

P – private, pretty, passionate, philanthropist

Q – quiet

R – radiant

S – star, stylish, sweet, smart, successful, special, stunning, sister, soft-spoken, sexy, shy

T – terrific, talented, thoughtful

U – unique

V – vegetarian

W – wonderful


Y – young



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